Gmail Less Secure App Access And Generating App Password

Shubham Wankhede
3 min readJul 27, 2021

Want to configure your email address as source to send the mails to others may be through smtp server? in that case you might have thought about your google account, but google won’t just allow you to send the mail as it may cause the security thread to your account.

so to allow your mail to acts as a source to send the mail for smtp server, you need to make few configurations with your account.

It can be either disabling the less secure app access permission or using the app generated password instead of your login password for authentication in smtp server.

Less secure app access

Let’s get started first with disabling less secure app access.


Go to your gmail account and then to manage your google accout.


Then go to the security section in manage your google account and look for Less secure app access section.

here you can see the option of Turn off access (recommended) you need to make it off.


lastly make the the option as off and you are good to go.

Generating App Password

App generated password is for you device from which you are want to send the mails.

Follow the below steps to get it done.


Go to security section of manage your google account as mentioned above and look for Singing to google section.

here you can find the 2 step-authentication. for this you need to have a authenticator in you device or mobile. you can choose any mfa authenticator like google authenticator, duo mobile etc or just your mobile to verify throgh text messages.

in this process it will use you mobile number to verify you and later on will give you the options to configure the authenticator.


once done with above, it will give you the option of app password.

you need to enter the purpose which is in our case is mail and the device for my case it is mac or windows etc.

and lastly click on generate.

copy the generate code for further use.

Thank you for your patience.